tea enthusiast. pizza lover. listener. 
life coach. facilitator. lightworker.

creator of #mywellfedlife

Coaching Philosophy + Guiding Principle

I honor you. I see you. I hear you. You are the expert of your life and work. Only you know what your life needs. 

I am here to hold you accountable to what you say you want. To champion you as you begin to do something different. To ask you questions to help discover your truth.

I truly believe in a holistic approach to life. Because, how you are being in one area of life is how you are in all. 

What I know for sure ... when you take radical responsibility for your life and what you want that is when transformation happens. I encourage 100% responsibility to own your choices, do the work, and take charge of your future. 


I am ... 

... an introvert. It makes me an avid observer, listener and confidante.

... positively positive + an optimist. It makes me see the good in every situation and how to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

... not perfect and neither is my life. That makes me human ... like you. And, I'm committed to co-creating the best life I possibly can.

... a lifelong learner. I love books and read blogs. I attend workshops and programs on occasion, which actually led me to be interested in life coaching. 

... Well-Fed. Choosing to feel this way [mind, body and spirit] led me to be of service to other women who want their own well-fed life. 

... here ... for YOU.

Oh ...  in case you're wondering, I have a Certificate in Coaching and Positive Psychology from the CaPP Institute and I'm licensed to facilitate The Desire Map. 

Now that you know more about me, how would you like to connect?