Do you need consistent support and accountability? Consistency creates momentum. Action creates results. Consistent one-on-one sessions opens the path for clarity on your goals with a plan of action. 

But wait … if you’re saying “but I don’t have goals!” That’s perfectly normal. Trust me on that. I didn’t have any either for many years. However, we can work on that too if you like. And give you the space to want what you want. That can be as simple or grand as YOU choose for it to be.

How can I help you? We'll have chats that will help you find a compass that feels good to guide you in your life.  That will mean releasing what doesn’t serve you anymore. Doing something new, something different. And, tweak what may be out of alignment.

We'll uncover what you want the most in living a life that feels more FULL. The process of allowing new experiences, fun and p l e a s u r e will become easier. That feeling you’ve had inside that “there’s more to life than this” will slowly become an afterthought because you’ll be living it. So let’s get together and devise a way for you to create what you crave.


1:1 coaching package includes 60-minute calls, email support and Lifework.  

Investment: Choose a 3 or 6 session package over a 6 to 10-week period.

Package of 3 sessions: $400

Package of 6 sessions: $700
*  Payment options are available

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