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#MyWellFedLife Photo Experience

The first days of each season marks a new round of the #MyWellFedLife Photo Experience on Instagram. Search the hashtag and you'll see for yourself. Join us next round! 

Stephanie had an AHA moment during the 2016 Summer Edition  ....

"Day 13 "Brag" - this is something I rarely ever do. I do not feel comfortable drawing attention to myself but I have no problem tooting someone else's horn. I also recently learned that things I expect of myself I actually see in others as things that are noteworthy. So this challenge is quite the cathartic experience for me. I clearly need more practice with openly acknowledging my best self."

Join us! A fun way to be creative every day and take you out of yourself. Or, if you’re at all like me, a way to practice letting go of perfection.
— Ellen