Want more guidance to nourish your life?


Welcome to Well-Fed Living

I'm so happy you're here. There's room for you.  To be who you want to be. To do what you want to do. To have what you want to have. 

Because ...

Life feels more calm the more you are in alignment with what you want.

So, my first question to you is … what does your life crave? 


We all crave MORE of something. You can have what you're looking for so your life can feel like you want it to feel. 

There's an area or two or three of your life that feels neglected and your mind keeps telling you that you’re failing. And you feel guilty. Overwhelmed.

Eventually, we get caught up in our day-to-day, busy schedules and other people's agendas for us. Something gets neglected along the way -- self-care, relationships, creativity,  Then we think the obvious answer is “I need work/life balance!”

I help women who are searching for balance find alignment.



I DARE YOU to be free. I DARE YOU to learn to say no and make room for the things you really want to say Yes to. 


I DARE YOU to define life on your own terms. AND, DEFINE who you are without all of life's obligations and expectations getting in the way. And, challenge what you think about all the things you “should” be doing.


I DARE YOU to discover a life that is more fulfilling. A life that feeds your well-being ... mind, body and spirit. Discovery is a beautiful thing. It's not all easy though. The process has its challenges but those who want to change their life .... can.  Those who want to be happier can be too.  



Working one-on-one gives you dedicated time to focus on your goals, intentions or area of life that is hungry for change. For weekly accountability, support, and guidance towards self-empowerment, personal coaching is a partnership.



Bond with other women as you discover what you're truly hungry for in your life. Expect to be inspired, supported, and motivated while being led by your deepest desires. It's the beginning of learning to live more out of intention than habit. 

When everything seems out of your control and stressful, you may hunger for EASE.

When you get stuck in a cycle of work, eat, sleep ... repeat ... and life feels boring, you may hunger for ADVENTURE or BALANCE.

When you're feeling your life is based on everyone else's agenda for you, you may hunger for FREEDOM. 

When another year has gone by and that project still hasn't been started, you may hunger for COURAGE. 

No matter what your life is calling you to do ... What are you willing to do to nourish your life? To feel full? 

I'm here to guide you when you feel you can't go it alone anymore. To guide you in finding your life's compass and designing a life you love.

It's more difficult than we realize to change our lives without some guidance. Some are really good at buying a book or two off the shelf, being introspective, and applying the lessons learned.  But, the majority of us need support. That's why I am here. 

What's your compass for finding more fulfillment? 

If you're not sure what that is or where to start ... I do. 

Off To The Right Start

Adonica is a great listener who asks questions that provoke thought. She has laser focus with soft critique which is exactly what I need. I hung up feeling motivated and for the first time, feeling like making goals for myself is a great idea and not an impossible chore.
— M. M.

A Great Facilitator

Adonica is kind, patient, and a true believer and practicioner of the wisdom she imparts. She makes you feel as if you are on a journey of discovery with her. It is always a warm and enlightening experience.
— T. T.

High Quality Tailored Coaching

Adonica is very personable, well informed, and gave me great guidance and tangible next steps. Also got really valuable feedback throughout the session.
— K. L.

It was life changing...

I signed up for Adonica’s one month course with a casual mindset. I was wrong. The course was life-changing through the questions she posted and exercises we were given as lifework. The conference calls were effective and added value to the course without taking up too much time out of the group’s busy schedules.
What I enjoyed most was validating my feelings and unapologetically asking for more out of my life. The course enabled me to make a financial life changing decision by giving me the courage to stand up for my life. I highly recommend working with her.
— Veronica W.