two years later here I am ...

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
— Arthur Ashe

Start here. Now. 

The anxiety. The sweaty palms. The anticipation of strangers reading my thoughts and words. I've got it all. This blog is kind of a big deal. I launched my website two years ago and had a good number of people sign up to join the Well Fed Community only to get next to nothing from me so far.  I had good intentions. Truly, I did. This is scary territory though.

I don't claim to be a writer.  At least not today. I'm used to writing for myself where I don't edit, scrutinize and filter. Here, however, you may see my mistakes ... with grammar, and maybe a spelling error here and there. Not that I want to but I'm human. An imperfect human with no editor on staff. And, I'm starting here anyway. 

I am an instigator though ... to motivate, inspire and connect others. A few favorite people recently told me so. It is my hope that is what you'll find here. So, that's what I have to offer. 

Anxiety aside. This is more about you. I'll do what I can to share some of my favorite practices, highlight some amazing women, stories, life lessons and more that helps us all find some harmony in our lives. Mind + Body + Soul. 

The plus side is that I'll only share when I have something to say.  I always err on the side of Aquarius, so there's no set schedule just yet. That keeps things fun for me. I'm making up the rules as I go. 

Who's with me? What step can you take to move forward with an idea or project? Comment below. 


I dare you to start something